Welcome to Canada!

So here we are! Finally, after five years of university, hard work and saving up, we boarded our flight from Glasgow to Halifax, NS on the 18th of July 2016. Our six-hour journey was quite easy, but the hardest part awaited us at the airport in Canada – although we have expected to be questioned about details of our stay, the interview turned out to be challenging and, to be honest, a bit scary for me. The immigration officer wanted to know almost everything, from who we are to how much money we have. At some point I actually thought that we are going to be denied entry as we were asking for a six-month stay with no return ticket. After about thirty minutes the officer came back with our passports stamped with permission to remain in Canada until January 2017 – we did it!

Two hours later a shuttle took us from the airport on a four-hour journey to our destination. Prince Edward Island welcomed us with its calm beauty, harbour charm and ever-present redhaired Anne. We pass houses and farms, commenting on each one as they resemble our expectations – mail boxes with little red flags up, trucks on the driveways and the enourmous size of everything. Although resemblance to the US is overwhelming and undeniable, this Island seem to have its own soul – it’s different to anything we have seen or expected. The small community is closely bound together, with outgoing and helpful people who live quiet country lives. Their income is provided not only by the professional jobs they might have, but also by farming, fishery and tourism. Prince Edward Island is famous from its lobsters, clams and oysters that are being exported worldwide each day. Not only that, the biggest export product of the Island is probably Anne, the fictional character from series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, ‘Anne of Green Gables’, which happens to be my favourite childhood book.

However, about visiting Green Gables and what we are really doing on the Island will be included in other posts. For now, we are enjoying beautiful scenery, forest walks and of course naps in the shade. It is truly incredible to see people so close to each other, living in harmony and with sources provided by nature. It sounds idyllic but after two weeks on the Island, it doesn’t only sound so, it is so!


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